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Pressure-induced structural phase transitions in natural kaolinite investigated by Raman spectroscopy and electrical conductivity 会议论文
, 中国贵州贵阳, 2021-07-02
Authors:  Hong ML(洪梅玲);  Dai LD(代立东);  Hu HY(胡海英);  Zhang XY(张新觎)
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Dynamics of Organic Matter of Soil Profiles with Different Vegetation Conditions from the Chinese Loess Plateau: δ13C and δ15N Approaches 会议论文
, Beijing, 2020
Authors:  Long-Bo Li;  Xiao-Dan Wang;  Ping Zhang;  Yao-Qiang Zhu;  Ming-Qiang Ren;  Da-Wei Cai
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Investigation on labile organic carbons in soils developed from limestone and sandstone in karst areas of southwest China 会议论文
, Beijing, 2020
Authors:  Long-Bo Li;  Xiao-Dan Wang;  Ping Zhang;  Yao-Qiang Zhu;  Ming-Qiang Ren;  Da-Wei Cai
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Comparison of spatial interpolation methods for mercury content in soil of contaminated farmland in Tongren 会议论文
, 大连, 2019
Authors:  Xuelian Song;  Xirui Ruan;  Wen Zhang;   Hua Zhang;  Guopei Huang;  Zhiwei Wang;  Li Zhong;  Puchang Wang
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镍钴锰三元正极材料的现状与发展趋势 会议论文
, 中国四川绵阳, 2018-07-06
Authors:  代杨;   华东;   顾汉念;   郭腾飞;   王宁
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压力导致的石膏结构相变和脱水反应研究 会议论文
, 中国四川绵阳, 2018-07-06
Authors:  杨林飞;  代立东;  李和平;  胡海英;  庄毓凯;  柳凯祥;  蒲畅;  洪梅玲
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石灰岩热弹性方程与高温热变形因子特性的实验研究 会议论文
, 中国北京, 2018-10-21
Authors:  杨建;   符力耘;   张卫强
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冯卡门撞击坑地质演化及月壤特性对比研究 会议论文
, 中国北京, 2018-10-21
Authors:  张敬宜; 刘建忠
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冯卡门撞击坑  月壤  地质演化  
形貌可控掺杂硫化物的合成与金吸附实验 会议论文
, 中国四川绵阳, 2018-07-06
Authors:  聂信;  罗宿星;  杨美稚;  于文彬;  覃宗华;  万泉
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高温高压下胆矾电导率和拉曼光谱研究 会议论文
, 中国四川绵阳, 2018-07-06
Authors:  蒲畅;  代立东;  李和平;  胡海英;  庄毓凯;  柳凯祥;  杨林飞;  洪梅玲
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