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Constraining the density evolution during destruction of the lithospheric mantle in the eastern North China Craton 期刊论文
Gondwana Research, 2021, 卷号: 91, 页码: 18-30
Authors:  Zhilin Ye;  Dawei Fan;  Qizhe Tang;  Jingui Xu;  Dongzhou Zhang;  Wenge Zhou
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Morphology of barite synthesized by in-situ mixing of na2so4 and bacl2 solutions at 200 ºc 期刊论文
Crystals, 2021, 卷号: 11, 期号: 8, 页码: 962
Authors:  Chunyao Wang;  Li Zhou;  Shuai Zhang;  Li Wang;  Chunwan Wei;  Wenlei Song;  Liping Xu;  Wenge Zhou
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Fe-Mg含量变化对斜方辉石弹性波速的影响 会议论文
, 中国贵州贵阳, 2021-07-02
Authors:  马麦宁;  张吉凯;  周文戈;  张佳蕾;  宋伟;  刘永刚
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重晶石的水热原位混合合成实验 期刊论文
矿物学报, 2021, 卷号: 41, 期号: 2, 页码: 139-149
Authors:  王力;  周丽;  张帅;  王春垚;  周文戈
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Dehydration melting of amphibolite at 1.5 ​GPa and 800–950 ​°C: Implications for the Mesozoic potassium-rich adakite in the eastern North China Craton 期刊论文
Geoscience Frontiers, 2021, 卷号: 12, 期号: 2, 页码: 896-906
Authors:  Zhilin Ye;  Fang Wan;  Neng Jiang;  Jingui Xu;  Yuanyun Wen;  Dawei Fan;  Wenge Zhou
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Thermoelasticity and stability of natural epidote at high pressure and high temperature: Implications for water transport during cold slab subduction 期刊论文
Geoscience Frontiers, 2021, 卷号: 12, 期号: 2, 页码: 921-928
Authors:  Bo Li;  Jingui Xu;  Dongzhou Zhang;  Zhilin Ye;  Shijie Huang;  Dawei Fan;  Wenge Zhou;  Hongsen Xie
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西藏的拆沉作用:榴辉岩密度的约束 会议论文
, 中国贵州贵阳, 2021-07-02
Authors:  叶之琳;  范大伟;  李博;  唐琦哲;  许金贵;  张东舟;  周文戈
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Stability and Thermoelasticity of Diaspore by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy 期刊论文
Frontiers in Earth Science, 2021, 卷号: 9, 页码: 752566
Authors:  Shijie Huang;  Jingui Xu;  Daorong Liu;  Bo Li;  Zhilin Ye;  Wei Chen;  Yunqian Kuang;  Fangli Chi;  Dawei Fan;  Maining Ma;  Wenge Zhou
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Investigation of the crystal structure of a low water content hydrous olivine to 29.9 GPa: A high-pressure single-crystal X-ray diffraction study 期刊论文
American Mineralogist, 2020, 卷号: 105, 期号: 12, 页码: 1857-1865
Authors:  Jingui Xu;  Dawei Fan;  Dongzhou Zhang;  Bo Li;  Wenge Zhou;  Przemyslaw K. Dera
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Hydrous Olivine  Structural Refinement  Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction  High Pressure  
Phase Transition of Enstatite-Ferrosilite Solid Solutions at High Pressure and High Temperature: Constraints on Metastable Orthopyroxene in Cold Subduction 期刊论文
Geophysical Research Letters, 2020, 卷号: 47, 期号: 12, 页码: e2020GL087363
Authors:  Jingui Xu;  Dawei Fan;  Dongzhou Zhang;  Xinzhuan Guo;  Wenge Zhou;  Przemyslaw K. Dera
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