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Carbonatitic footprints in the Bayan Obo REEs deposit as seen from pyrite geochemistry 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 379, 页码: 106801
Authors:  Hai-Dong She;  Hong-Rui Fan;  Kui-Feng Yang;  Xuan Liu;  Xing-Hui Li;  Zhi-Hui Dai
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New constraints for crustal sulfur contamination of gold source: Evidence from complex?S-34 of pyrite in the northwestern Jiaodong gold province, China 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 378, 页码: 106773
Authors:  Huan-Long Hu;  Hong-Rui Fan;  Ting-Guang Lan;  Yang Xu;  Ya-Chun Cai;  Kui-Feng Yang;  Zhi-Hui Dai
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Earliest Ediacaran speleothems and their implications for terrestrial life after the Marinoan snowball Earth 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 376, 页码: 106685
Authors:  Tian Gan;  Guanghong Zhou;  Taiyi Luo;  Ke Pang;  Mingzhong Zhou;  Weijun Luo;  Shijie Wang;  Shuhai Xiao
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Mercury isotopes reflect variable metal sources as a function of paleo-depositional setting in the Ediacaran-Cambrian Ocean, South China 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 378, 页码: 106749
Authors:  Zhongxi Xue;  Runsheng Yin;  Bernd Lehmann;  Ruidong Yang;  Hai Xu;  Jun Chen;  Hongyan Geng;  Junbo Gao
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Late Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic tectonic evolution and paleogeographic reconstruction of the eastern Tibetan Plateau: A perspective from detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopic evidence 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 377, 页码: 106738
Authors:  Zhen-Dong Tian;  Cheng-Biao Leng;  Xing-Chun Zhang;  Feng Tian;  Chun-Kit Lai
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CO2 buildup drove global warming, the Marinoan deglaciation, and the genesis of the Ediacaran cap carbonates 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 383, 页码: 106891
Authors:  Ruiyang Sun;  Jun Shen;  Stephen E. Grasby;  Jiawei Zhang;  Jianshu Chen;  Chuang Yang;  Runsheng Yin
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Cap Carbonates  early Ediacaran  marinoan Deglaciation  mercury  hg Isotopes  
Mercury isotopic compositions of the Precambrian rocks and implications for tracing mercury cycling in Earth's interior 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2022, 卷号: 373, 页码: 106646
Authors:  Changzhou Deng;  Hongyan Geng;  Tingting Xiao;  Di Chen;  Guangyi Sun;  Runsheng Yin
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Precambrian Basement  Metamorphism  Hg Isotope  Mass-independent Fractionation  Material Cycling  
Field, textural, geochemical, and isotopic constraints on the origin and evolution of the magmatic microgranular enclaves from the Gharib Granitoid Complex, North Eastern Desert, Egypt 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2021, 卷号: 365, 页码: 106380
Authors:  H.A. Eliwa;  R. Deevsalar;  N.M. Mahdy;  S. Kumar;  Kh. El-Gameel;  T. Zafar;  I.M. Khalaf;  M. Murata;  H. Ozawa;  A. Andresen;  D. Chew;  M.M. Fawzy;  A. Afandy;  Y. Kato;  K. Fujinaga
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Episodic Archean crustal accretion in the North China Craton: Insights from integrated zircon U-Pb-Hf-O isotopes of the Southern Jilin Complex, northeast China 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2021, 卷号: 358, 页码: 106150
Authors:  Meiling Wu;  Shoufa Lin;  Yusheng Wan;  Jian-Feng Gao;  Richard A. Stern
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Temperature and timing of ductile deformation of the Longquanguan shear zone, Trans-North China Orogen 期刊论文
Precambrian Research, 2021, 卷号: 359, 页码: 106217
Authors:  Jia-Hui Liu;  Yi-Chao Chen;  Zhen M.G. Li;  Qian W.L. Zhang;  Ting-Guang Lan;  Qing Zhang;  Chun-Ming Wu
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